1. What is the difference between Compost & Potting Soil?

Potting Soil is a premium screened product with natural microbial nutrients making it the ideal growing medium for container planting. This product is analyzed regularly to assist growers with nutrient requirement for optimal growth. Containers should be kept moist to ensure that E2E potting soil does not dry out completely, as ‘re-wetting ’ will require excessive watering. Compost is milled and screened to produce a product that is easily integrated into the soil, adding microbes and organic media for enhanced earthworm activity.

2. Are weeds problematic in the Earth2Earth range?

Earth2Earth Organics is composted from a pure organic product for a minimum of 6 months, which allows for a complete composting and pasteurisation process. This ensures Earth2Earth growing mediums are sterile and free of weeds and pathogens. With scheduled weekly laboratory analysis, Earth2Earth are confident and assured that all product supplied to our customers meets our stringent quality requirements. – (via Annemarie)

3. Earth2Earth claims to be odourless. How is this possible?

As per the previous question, the Earth2Earth Organics range is composted from a pure organic product for a minimum of 6 months. The complete pasteurisation process eliminates all odours.

4. How do I apply Lawn Dressing? How much?

Lawn Dressing should be applied at the beginning of the growing season and (in South Africa) is typically applied during August & September.
Kick start your dormant winter lawn by scarifying and spike rolling to improve aeration. Apply a topping of Earth2Earth weed free River Sand to level uneven areas. Follow up with an application of nitrogen rich fertilizer i.e. LAN, then cover with an even layer of Earth2Earth Lawn Dressing. Spread the Lawn Dressing evenly using the back of a steel rake, allowing the tops of your grass to show. 1 x 30dm bag covers 2 -2.5m2. Water thoroughly with a fine garden sprayer, after 2 weeks you can mow the lawn, stand back and admire a lush green carpet.

5. Pine Bark is a key component of the Earth2Earth range, is it acidic?

Pine bark is indeed acidic, however during the composting process which lasts for a minimum of 6 months this issue is resolved.

6. I know that mulching reduces evaporation and forms part of a sound Water-wise program. Which product is best suited to mulching?

Mulching is an excellent water-wise practice and adds several benefits to the soil. Earth2Earth Com post is the ideal product to use as a mulch as well as in other flower and garden beds. Also bear in mind that both products add nutrients to your soil as they breakdown.

7. How does Compost increase the microbial activity of soil?

Compost adds organic material to the soil thus increasing microbial and earthworm activity, which in turn improves the ‘air filled porosity (AFP)’ and ‘water holding capacity (WHC)’. This will result in better root growth and cation exchange improving nutrient uptake for the plant.

8. What is the best growing medium to add to my vegetable garden?

Kraal Manure is ideal for use in vegetable gardens as it is both organic and nutritious, replacing much needed macro and micro nutrients into the soil. Should Kraal Manure not be available, Earth2Earth Compost is recommended.

9. Why chose Earth2Earth?

The Earth2Earth organic cycle is a natural process, as old as the earth itself. Earth2Earth takes great pride in facilitating and restoring this process to produce a consistently high quality product range that is certified to be 100% organic.